The Big Bang Blog : Day two

Blog – Jenny Sykes, Sellafield Ltd Graduate

Day two kicked off with a bang and that wasn’t just from the chemistry show on the big bang stage. The fair has already attracted thousands of visitors including school children, teachers, families and even the Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Oscar the robot was up to his usual tricks and drawing a lot of attention to the stand and bringing crowds in from afar. The Sellafield Ltd stand includes six nuclear related activities, with each activity giving the opportunity to win a different item of stationary. The children are really enjoying the interactive elements which I find more effective than simply telling them about what we do at Sellafield.

Today some of the team had a chance to look around other exhibition stands including EDF, Rolls Royce, BAE systems, GSK, Urenco and various universities. We all have the same goal – inspiring young children to engage in STEM subjects, so this  allowed us to expand our knowledge  and also provide support to others while sharing some valuable experiences.

Towards the end of the day some of the Sellafield Ltd and Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Directors came to support us and see how he fair was evolving. It was great to see senior members of staff getting involved and supporting a great cause.