The health of our people and everybody that works for us is vitally important and we take a proactive stance to continuously improve our health and safety performance across the business.

We aim to maintain a fit and healthy workforce by:

  • Eliminating ill-health at work
  • Minimising radiation doses
  • Encouraging our employees to balance their work and home life
  • Learning lessons from events, implement corrective actions and seek out and use good practice

Occupational health is a branch of health care which specialises in the interaction between health and work.

A team of medical and occupational health professionals provide a wealth of services to support a healthy workforce and promote healthy lifestyle choices.

A round-the-clock emergency response is also available to the Sellafield site with one of the five site surgeries providing 24 hour operations. Services include; first aid and minor treatment services; health surveillance and promotion activities; personnel decontamination service; response to medical and radiological incidents on the Sellafield site; support for the company’s substance abuse policy; pre-employment medical assessments and support for employees on sickness absence.

The occupational health department is involved in the company’s arrangements for compliance with a range of regulations to maintain the health and safety of the workforce.

Through our well-person screening programme and campaigns, employees are encouraged to balance their work and home lives and lead healthier lifestyles. Health surveillance programmes monitor the health of employees and their fitness to undertake the work they’ve been allocated.