The Sellafield Ltd mission provides employment opportunities that are not only nationally important but that also equip people with experience and expertise that open up opportunities in the national and international nuclear market.

Some of these employment opportunities will be with Sellafield Ltd while others will come from our supply chain. Rather then competing with one another for resources, we are collaborating with each other and with stakeholders to grow the local skills base and create a broader spectrum of socio-economic opportunities for people, suppliers and local businesses.

Our socio-economic strategy includes two objectives to support skills:

  • Support a reduction in local youth and long term unemployment by investing and supporting initiatives that help equip future job seekers with the skills, confidence and real-life experience they need to find work
  • Improve local pathways to employment through the long-term development of education, skills, and training matched to the long-term needs of the Sellafield programme of work, both for Sellafield Ltd and our supply chain partners