Putting socio-economic priorities and performance at the heart of an organistion’s operations is not only good business sense; it is the right thing to do. A key part of the Sellafield Ltd strategy and one of our strategic objectives is to ‘provide our communities and taxpayers with a socio-economic and growth return on their investment at Sellafield’.

Our socio-economic strategy has been created around three key themes of skills, growth and community, which are underpinned by seven objectives. The objectives provide focus for our socio-economic activity and are all designed to support measurable social outcomes.


  • Support a reduction in local youth and long term unemployment by investing and supporting initiatives that help equip future job seekers with the skills, confidence and real-life experience they need to find work
  • Improve local pathways to employment through the long-term development of education, skills, and training matched to the long-term needs of the Sellafield programme of work, both for Sellafield Ltd and our supply chain partners


  • Increase the proportion of small to medium enterprises (SME) work directly and indirectly, to stimulate economic growth, innovation and long term skills
  • Cultivate an environment of co-operation and engagement across the supply chain and within the local community
  • Support a wide range of infrastructure projects and settlement based commercial developments resulting from further nuclear development to sustain existing and new businesses within West Cumbria


  • Collaborate with external organisations to develop and invest in sustainable community activities which provides added value to, and encourages, both local people and newcomers to live and work in the area
  • Be an active promoter of the Centre of Nuclear Excellence to diversify the economic profile of the area leading to sustainable communities